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Looking for HS-6, things to trade.

Discussion in 'Reloading Classifieds' started by dyeager535, Dec 19, 2013.

  1. dyeager535

    dyeager535 WA New Member

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    Just want to try HS6 for 45ACP, I suppose I'd want a partial can so I can store it properly. I don't need anywhere near a pound to work up a load with.

    For potential trade I have:

    Powder (W231, 1680, Varget)

    LG CCI Rifle/Pistol primers

    Bullets (230GR .45 LRN, Plated RN, FMJ, and Golden Sabers; a few .311 174gr HPBT's, 180gr SPT; very few .308 Silvertips, likely 180GR, not at the house to check presently). Honestly I've got more .45 than anything, so most interested in trading .45 bullets and the powder.

    As I'm just looking for a small quantity, mayhaps someone is also interested in testing different loads and doesn't need a bunch of any particular component. I have what I have because I use it, not really interested in trading mass quantities. Dreading having to eventually buy more of anything.

    I travel to Portland almost weekly via I5 (to I205 S), so can likely meet anywhere along the I5 corridor between exit 123 in WA to just over the river on I205 near the airport.

    Please PM me if you have any HS6 you'd like to trade. As much as I wish I did, I do not have massive stockpiles, so not interested in selling anything.
  2. aboveandbeyond

    aboveandbeyond clackamas Active Member

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    sent you a pm
  3. Gonzales

    Gonzales Albany, OR Member

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    I have a unopened barrel. but, I'm located in Albany, OR. I plan on being up at the Portland art museum late next week though.
  4. slickx45

    slickx45 Seattle - Eastside Active Member

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    I have HS-6 and I need 1680. PM me if you want to work out a trade.