looking for a pocket gun? heres my notes!

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by cotillion, Sep 8, 2011.

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    Over the past 2 months I've searched for the perfect pocket pistol. Being tall its my opinion that even an iwb holster can give a peak of unwanted attention from time to time so I wanted a gun that I can slip into any pocket or use an ankle holster. Here's my findings and ill try and keep it brief and easy, feel free to ask any questions you have!

    Originally I was searching for a 380, considering they are about the smallest you can get these days without giving up every last drop of punch to your firearm. I checked out the Ruger lcp, Taurus tcp, the kel tec p380 and the Sig 380. The winner was the Taurus tcp. If you are an avid collector or make 80k+ a year then maybe the Sig is for you, however for modern Americans I can't justify spending that much on a weak caliber. The Taurus, Ruger and kel tec were basically all the same gun with the exception of some minor features now that the kinks are worked out, however the Taurus comes with slide lock which is important to me, it also comes with an extra mag, loaded chamber indicator and a security lock system. The most important fact is that even with all that its about 40 bucks cheaper. Like I said though they are all roughly the same as far as feel and reliability ( aside from the Sig obviously ) but the Taurus offers more for less.

    With all that being said I dropped the idea of getting a 380 after seeing and falling in love with the kahr cm9. Just a TAD bigger than the 380 models and being 9mm which is not only a superior caliber but its also cheaper and more common to acquire. Everything about this tiny beauty was perfect, from the smooth trigger pull which is far superior to the lc9 to the weight of it which is not too heavy but also not to light. The recoil will shock you, being that its such a small gun I found it more manageable than the 380 pistols. The reliability of kahr is superb as many police officers will tell you and this gun is very affordable for what you're getting. The prices in my area is 270-300 for the Taurus/ruger/kel tec 380 pistols and the kahr was 430. You can also find it for sale online for about 415, I know buds has it for around that price. If you're interested in a pocket 9 and 400+ is out of your price range, diamondback just came out with their db9 which I also found very appealing and was priced at 340, however the turn off is diamondback had the db380 launch and it was extremely flawed for a while so many would suggest waiting for the flaws to get kinked out first.

    So there you have it, my notes from the past 2 months. I'm not a gun specialist I'm just a tight wad who was in the market for a pocket pistol of top quality without breaking my budget. I know I seemed biased against the Sig but like I said if I have to save for it its not for me, however it is a BEAUTIFUL gun and if its affordable to you I highly suggest checking it out, its highly unique in its class. Also what worked for me might not work for you and what feels best in your hands is the best for you. I just troll the forums a lot and notice this question being pretty common.
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    The wife and I got a pair of Kal-Tec PF9's from J&B. Love them!!
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    If you go with a Kel-tec I would choose the P3AT over the PF9 for pocket carry. The PF9 is small and slim but not as easy to pocket as the P3AT. For anything else I would take the PF9. I had PF9 but sold it. Nothing wrong with it I just decided to go with a S&W 340/360 type since I am trying to reduce the number of calibers I own. 357 is more versitale than 9mm in my case.
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    Of the little polymer .380's the TCP was the one I chose when looking for a gift for a friend last x-mas. I liked it for basically the same reasons you did. For myself I went with the SIG.

    I had a Kahr PM9 but found it to be too big for pocket carry. It was like carrying a large wallet in my front pocket...but if it works for you the Kahr is a good gun.
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    I use a micro-9 for pocket carry, and have no trouble with it. Like Penguin says, it's like a large wallet, and would be very uncomfortable in pants with loose, baggy pockets.
    Given that such small guns in 9mm are fairly new, it's reasonable to expect a certain amount of initial trouble with a new design. I guess it depends on how much quality control you're willing to do for the company! :D
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    I pack a Makarov in my front pocket a lot when I don't have room for my Sig 225. The Mak with certain ammo is pretty bad ju ju for the baddies. The ammo is cheap,the pistols are first class, real work horses, never a failure, can be bought at a low price.My two Bulgaian Maks have been flawless. Spad
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    For me the Kel-Tec P3AT was the best pocket gun. Lots of people will have a different opinion and that's cool. But I like the fact that I can carry it in a pair of shorts or tight slacks with a pocket holster and no one would have a clue.

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