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    I am looking to trade to one of my rifles and a handgun for a good condition .40 or .45 caliber glock, springfield xd/xd-m, taurus millenium, m&p or anything else in .40 or .45. So for trade I have a 1943 m91/30 mosin nagant caliber: 7.62-54r, and a rossi .38 special revolver. The mosin has been half sanded to re finish but dont know what color i want to do it so i havnt yet. it shoots great, very light kick because it is the longer version of the rifle and not the carbine, kick *** hunting rifle. I have taken it apart and removed all cosmoline and boiled the bolt to clean it all up, gun cleaned after every time out. The rossi like i said is a .38, shoots very clean, it is blued with a 4inch barrel. It has some scratches from holster wear, but is a nice little handgun. Rossi is also stripped down and cleaned after every time out. And to sweeten up the deal, if you have kids that are interested in airsoft, or you are as well, i have a Kyrenex full metal replica m4 with a quadrail. It comes with 3 mags, bipod, foregrip, battery and a charger. It shoots at 380 feet per second and shoots about 600+ rounds per second. its value brand new is 375, and that only includes one mag and a foregrip. So if this seems like a good deal for someone get back to me in a pm or comment. Thanks for reading

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