Looking for a Mossberg J.I.C. (Just In Case) shotgun storage Tube only.

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    Did the Google search. My google fu is weak though. I'm looking for the tube only myself. Have emailed Mossberg and no response. Of course, it's only been a month and they are busy and all.

    If YOU are going to reply suggesting a trash bag or PVC pipe, well, if YOU want to stuff your crap in a trash bag or a Rube Goldberg PVC tube that you make yourself. Go right ahead. That's the Google advice given when the question is asked "Where can I buy a Mossberg J.I.C. (Just In Case) shotgun storage -Tube only. I don't want that. For myself, again, I'm looking for the tube ONLY.

    Recently bought a place near salt water with the missus. Bought a wire leash to tie off the dog to the front porch while I work on the place Of course, the pup still tracked paint across the floors as she gets let in to visit) . Came back after 7 days and the formerly brand new plated steel end is close to 80 percent rusted out. 1 week.

    Next week, Kilz Primer gallon bucket that I'd hammered the lid back on and left outside to keep that great primer from hitting my floors. 7 days later, top is rusted. I can't even see salt water! LOL. Like to stuff a shorty shotty in there and stash it in a safe to keep it from rusting. Price is an object of course, and don't want to pay $199 for a "burial vault" like the one Cheaper than Gold is posting for sale (ABS or PVS would do as well) Mono Vault Burial Tube with Gamma Seal Lid Protective Cap Waterproof 12" by 45" Inside Dimensionsdon't want to resort to trash bags:)

    At home - I live in a wet environment and have adopted a multi-level approach to the rust issue. Wife had said, "NO gun safe in the house", which got negotiated to the basement. However, if you consider that water will sink, the basement is THE very worst place to put metal. I asked my shovel and got it confirmed:) I had left a BB gun in the basement for @ 2 months and it got rusted fairly bad. My son pointed it out to me, and I think that's a factor of better eyesight as I had not noticed it. However, I could feel it with my fingers. I found it pretty disturbing. If you have a Sig P210, or 2, in your gun safe, then you might consider spending a bit more effort to keep them looking prime. In the Pacific NorthWET, that's a multilayered thing. In non-crazy rusting environs, it looks like this for me:
    1st) Use Eezox when I get back from the range. You can google this, lots of guys have done independent testing. Eezox is good stuff and cheap, and the end result is your guns won't rust if you use it as directed.

    2nd) I got a room dehumidifer. A good one will both tell you what the moisture % actually measures, and pull the moisture out to what ever the heck you want it to be. I was shocked how much moisture I actually had in here. Of course, the house is over a 100 years old. So in retrospect....lol...My little Delongi will pull a gallon out per day. They make 2 versions of house dehumidifiers, one you have to dump it daily, the other can be set up to drain into a drain. Get that one, even if you don't use it at first. You don't want to be checking and dumping water daily. Top ranked Consumer Reports model (although the Delongi has been humming perfectly for many years can be had cheaper) at Amazon.com: model Frigidaire FAD704DUD 70 Pt. Dehumidifier: Home & Kitchen They come in a lot of price points. Do your research.

    NEXT) Stuff a goldenrod in your safe. $20 and it works as advertised. It keeps the moisture from hitting dew point. You need an electrical plug in for that, which means that your safe isn't moisture proof any more.

    Lastly) , get 2 or more E-500 Eva-Drys. They will pull the moisture out of the safe. They recharge and work great. Don't get the little jobs cause you need to recharge them too frequently. I just went to replace one that finally failed after 5 years (which is the printed life expectancy of the things) and Dicks and Fishermans Marine supply had not even heard of them. So here's a link. Amazon.com: Amazon.com: Eva-dry E-500 High Capacity Renewable Wireless Mini Dehumidifier - 4 Pack - Fight dampness in boats, safes, RVs and BIG close: Home & KitchenEva-dry E-500 High Capacity Renewable Wireless Mini Dehumidifier - 4 Pack - Fight dampness in boats, safes, RVs and BIG close: Home & Kitchen. Get more than one, they need to be recharged, and you can swap them out. Just toss them inside the safe, I have several and rotate the bottom one to the plug in. Moisture is heavy and will settle. The Evas get hot while plugged in recharging, so keep them off drapes etc etc. They suggest plugging them in overnight....a bit of trust is needed for that:) However, the color changes when they are recharged. Pretty simple. It sounds like a lot, but once you have it set up, never have to worry.

    So my idea it to take all those and combine it with a tube for my shotty down at the coast. I am looking for the JIC Tube ONLY. Or an equivalent. PVC pipe is not an equivalent.

    Any help?

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