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    Looking for a reasonably priced Lee 1000 or Load Master or other progressive press. These Lee's get very mixed reviews so I don't have high expectations but my son and I like to tinker and we love to reload (Lee Turret Press) so I though this might be a good project to do together. He is 15 years old and really enjoys all things shootings. (He is a 1911 fan.) It is some of the best spent time of my week.

    He enjoyed the hours setting up the Turret Press so much that he still talks about it. I'll tell him in a few years that I actually loosened some of the dies and intentionally played dumb on several things just to let him figure it out and keep the fun going.

    If you have a progressive that you are not using and may want to sell at a reasonable price please reach out and PM me. Even if it is a Lee and you never had good luck getting it to run well I am wiling to spend some hours with my son trying to figure it out. If it never loads a round and we spend 100 hours together trying it is time well spent.

    Please PM me.



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