Looking for a good appraiser in northwest Washington state

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by xyzzy, May 15, 2014.

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    Greetings all, I have a few pre-64 Winchester model 70's that I've decided to sell, but I have no idea what their value might be. So I'm looking for a qualified appraiser somewhere near me. I'm in Bellingham, Washington, about two hours north of Seattle. Since I go to Seattle fairly often, a recommendation in that area would be fine.

    Thanks in advance for all recommendations!
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    Value depends on year of manufacture and caliber + the Grading fyi - Model 70 1946-1963 Most highly valued are 22 hornet, 220 swift .243 win, .257 Roberts .264 Mag and then the 300 H&H, 300 Win Mag, .338 and .375 Standard calibers are lower. Value is larger dependent on condition. Value is also what someone would pay for it. If they are pre-war Model 70's then the value increases.
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    I am going to say that value and what somebody will pay are two different things. If you want it valued for insurance purposes, I can tell you from experience that it wont matter. Unless you have a rider or umbrella coverage for crap loads of money, the ins. is going to pay replacement value. So I would look up your exact gun on gunbroker. go to the ended auctions, or see what current auctions are. Because thats what the ins. company is going to do.
    Pre 64 winchesters over the years have gone for a grand, or 300 bucks. Depends on the economy. I tend to think older guns like your pre 64 should be heirloomed. But if you watch pawn stars, you always see douches walk in and get a little dinner money for something that was handed down by great grandpa..and you want to kick the dude in the teeth for doing it because he does not have any class or respect. So your pre 64 may end up with somebody who would rather have a bigmac.
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    What Calibers do you have? I have a 1948 M70 in 300 H&H that my grandmother (yes, grandmother) used to hunt moose in AK before I was born. I sure wouldn't hate having another one that's easier to shoot and cheaper to feed.

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