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45 ACP
I'm a serious CZ fan, but somehow missed them discontinuing this .45 version. I'm on the hunt for one now though - highly motivated to find and procure!

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I used to have a 97BD with some CGW and CZ Custom parts installed. It was an awesome blaster! I was an absolute IDIOT and traded it off. To be fair, it was for/towards a Bren 2 carbine... BUT STILL! Anyways, from one CZ fanboy to another, good luck on your quest for one of the holy grails! Also, welcome to NWFA! :D
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Hey, thanks Hammer - Speaking of idiots, I don't know how I managed not to see that they were discontinuing - what a twit! Anyway, I'm out to make up for it - I'll even give up my prized and we'll modded PPQ 45 for that 97!
I have one haven't pulled it out of the safe in years pm me see if we can make it happen Also might be able to have my wife meet At FFL IN SEATTLE. Tomorrow if we can work out a deal
Hey there Mongoose, I don't know if you've had any luck finding your 97, but I saw this post recently. It could be of interest to you 😁

Hey, thanks Hammer! That thing sounds sweet, albeit I hate the grips and I don't do optics, but that's just nitpickin' :s0114: price seems decent too - My 75BD was done by Cajun, and the trigger work is simply amazing!
They're out there but pricy is what I'm discovering - kinda starting to look at the HK45…
The HK45 is a sweet unit also. I don't have much experience with HK other than renting a suppressed MK23, and that thing was pretty sweet!
I really miss my CZ97 BD but as you said, the cost that they are demanding these days makes it a bit prohibitive, and I'm perfectly happy with my DW Valor.
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