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Looking for a Class for my Wife

My wife finally wants to get her CHL and wants to take couple live fire classes before she starts carrying. She has shot many times before, she loves her P22 and my 950 Jetfire. Who puts on a good class in the Portland area? She is not worried about it being a woman instructor or any of that.
Wow, some great recommendations here! While I have not taken the classes at TD, I have stopped by their facilities and spoke with a few of the folks there and can say they’re top notch IMO


Wow, some great recommendations here! While I have not taken the classes at TD, I have stopped by their facilities and spoke with a few of the folks there and can say they’re top notch IMO
We are lucky to have some very good training resources here in Orygun.
TD are all excellent instructors / excellent people, and you can take lessons from about 99% of them. They all have a piece of knowledge you can learn from. So far I've only taken two lessons and my proficiency has advanced rapidly.

Their CEO teaches the CHL class; an experienced war veteran, highly competent firearms instructor, and active national guardsman. He is very dedicated and serious about 2A. Very professional + knowledgeable; very concise. I wouldn't ever take a CHL class at a place like a Cabela's etc - especially if you are planning to carry in Oregon. No more than 20:1 student ratio, and the class can go beyond 4 hours. Another big bonus of classes here is that you will (most likely) get a chance to hear Kevin Starrett speak if you take the Use Of Force 101 class. As the founder and director of the OFF, his voice speaks incredible volumes on the topic of guns in Oregon. We are in a difficult time, and Kevin explains how you can mitigate the increasing oppression against gun ownership.

After this class I decided it was right to get a membership there - sine I train every weekend and this environment is the safest, cleanest, and most providing of any indoor facility/range I've ever been to. Since then I've taken Use Of Force 101 and Tactical Defense Shooting 1 - which is taught by Officer Joe Twigg of the Sherwood Police. He is a Medal of Valor and Lifesaving Medal recipient. This is the education you want - there is not cost / time limitation on this. Your life as a civilian gun owner, and how you hold that position - is the curriculum.

When you're ready to take a step further - there's Red Frog Team, also in Sherwood.
Their classes are incredible - people fly in from other parts of the US to attend. They offer VERY in-depth tactical training and threat assessment. Rifle and pistol, moving targets, night vision, etc. Their director of training and lead instructor is a former Navy SEAL instructor with over 20y of experience, and contracting overseas. I'm looking forward to enrolling once I feel I am ready.
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About 5 years ago I attended the basic pistol safety class with my wife at F•A•S - The Firearms Academy of Seattle, Inc. and thought it was great. It covered proper safety and basic marksmanship and most importantly when it's justifiable to use lethal force.
My wife has taken 3 classes at FAS as well as one at Lacey and enjoyed and learned at all. She especially liked the women's only classes when she started out.


From what I've heard, women take instruction/coaching best from other women.
The one that lives here definitely doesn't listen to me.
So there's that.

Not necessarily. Depends on which woman student and which teacher. Ive always cared much more about how knowledgeable and how good a teacher a potential teacher is than their gender.

For a class with multiple students and little or no individual instruction, a major issue is the level. One might do gender stereotyping and suppose female instructors would be more patient with beginners. But actually, any good instructor for beginning level anything is patient.

Learning from a spouse can involve special dynamics that look gender related, but might not be. For example, wife might prefer to learn shooting, driving, whatever from someone other than husband because the teacher takes on a dominant role, and the wife may not want more of that in her relationship than there is already. Husband will be ordering her around. Does she want that? Will it start or extend a pattern she would just as soon not have that will tend to extend beyond gun instruction? Alternately, is it going to set up an unpleasant competition where he is more interested in rubbing her nose in how much better he is than in teaching her? And what if she rapidly becomes better than hubby in some aspects? He may be delighted. Or he may never forgive her for it. Or maybe she would prefer to learn from someone else, so she can show off for and get praise from hubby.



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