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Discussion in 'Rifles Wanted' started by goofman12, Jan 6, 2013.

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    So I will soon have about 400-500 dollars to spend on a rifle/scope. Ideally I would like a rifle with a scope in a 270, 300, or a 30-06. A scope isn't a requirement though. I would love a Tikka but I am not limited to one. I know this might be asking a lot but I've seen some good deals similar to this so I guess I'm hoping someone out there has one of these great deals to offer me. I probably won't be able to buy for a month so that should give me some time to see what you all have to offer.


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    NIB Ruger American 270. $400+ FFL + ship. Would leave you no budget for anything like a nice Leupold scope, but a Bushnell or Weaver would cut that cost back to within $500.

    There are lots of good old bolt action hunting rifles, worn in but not worn out, right now in Spokane. Decent examples start at $400 with nicked furniture and field use apparent. Nice ones start around $500. Then the desired models of Winchester Remington and others go up from that. That is the current market here at the gun shops that handle used arms.

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