Looking for 22LR and 32ACP ammo

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    I had trouble with both of my Baby Browning size pocket pistols this weekend. My CCI Mini-Mags and Rem Golden Bullets weren't stout enough to function the 22LR and I think my 32ACP ammo is just too old. Let me know if you've seen any of these around the Portland area.

    Aguilla Super Maximum 30gr - 1750fps 204ft lb
    Aguila Interceptor 40gr - 1470fps 192ft lb
    CCI Velocitors 40gr - 1435fps 183ft lb
    Rem Yellow Jacket 33gr - 1500fps 165ft lb

    Federal Hydra Shoks 65gr - 950fps
    Hornady 60 grain SJH/XTP - 1000fps
    Speer Gold Dot 60gr - 960fps
    Winchester Silvertips 60gr - 970fps
    Winchester Q4255 71gr FMJ - 905fps

    The velocity and energy is stated because I cut and pasted from my shopping list.


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