Look, Another SKS! Part II!

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by bmw2, Dec 11, 2011.

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    I have another SKS for sale. It's a Chinese Norinco and I know this one won't appeal to some people, being bubba'd an all but it is a really comfortable rifle to shoulder compared to stock and nothing has been altered permanently. It's in a black synthetic stock, it might be a ramline but it feels heavier/more solid than that. Tapco railed hand guard with a Millet red dot. Also comes with 112 rounds of ammo, 90 on stripper clips and a 20 round box of Brown Bear and two loose rounds in a elastic butt stock holder, which also goes with it. The top cover on this thing isn't stock and has holes for either a weaver or some other scope mount but it is not a railed top cover. I'm going to throw in a sling too but it needs a sling swivel for the rear. Unfortunately I don't have the factory stock or the Bayo. Oh and the bi pod is included but isn't a great fit.

    I'd like to get $350 for the package, pretty firm as this thing is really clean and I kinda like it. As a bonus, if someone buys this and is interested in the PA-63 I have for sale, I'll let go of the PA-63 and two boxes(100 rounds) of ammo, with the SKS for $500 total. That's a pretty good buy.

    Open to trades but would really like to get at least some cash. A henry .22 lever action or 10/22 would be great other .22's are great but those are the only two rifles I'd like. I'd also like an AR lower or Ace stock for an AK.
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