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Looking for some insight, I am buying a travel trailer. I'm thinking about storing a handgun and a long rifle inside, my thought is to deep and thoroughly clean both coat with rem-oil, then vacuum seal both, and vacuum seal a couple boxes of ammo. Any body else done the same or have a better idea ?
You can warm both firearms up to around 150°F for a period of time to evaporate any moisture that may be hiding in any nooks or crannies, then when cool rough to handle (yet still warmer than room temperature) put a light coat of grease (as Andy suggested) or CLP.

Place them into “ziplock” type “freezer bags” and squeeze the air out the bags by slowly dipping them into a tub of water right up to the “zipper” seam and then seal it. (That’s how I do “sous vide” cooking without using an expensive vacuum machine, which works quite well).

Or..... just skip the “water pressing” and squeeze out as much air by hand as possible and throw in a desiccant pouch, or do both.

These also look promising..

Hope that helps with some ideas! :s0155:
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High Standard. 22?

It's an old German 8 shot.
Arminius Model 7 I think.

Dad had it years before I was born.

As to vacuum sealing.
If you don't wrap a gun [or anything else with sharp edges] in cotton or something soft. It will likely cut the bag and loose the seal in short order.

The Heretic

A thin coating of RIG gun grease on the metal and maybe down the bore , will go a long way in preventing rust in storage.
I would start with stainless firearms, or at least nitrided.

Make sure there is no rust anywhere on the firearm to start with.

Spray it with Balistol.

Then the Rigs gun grease. This is not as thick as cosmoline and in my experience does not harden but I have not used it long enough to verify that. I can tell you though that mice seem attracted to it.

Then a rust inhibiting bore stick in the bore.

Then wrap in Cosmoline wax paper:

Then a plastic VCI bag of sufficient mil thickness to protect the firearm from moisture. I would, if I could, vacuum air out of that bag to remove as much moisture as possible. The reason for the wax paper is to protect the plastic bag from the grease/etc.; Rigs grease contains petroleum ingredients. Most plastics are made from petroleum, especially thin sheets like bags, and the plastic may be dissolved by the petroleum in any petroleum based grease or oil. IIRC, the VCI bags I have seen are made from petroleum based plastic.

Then for the rifle I would put it in a waterproof soft case (I just bought one on Amazon - it even floats). I would put the handgun in a "dry bag". This would hopefully be another layer of moisture protection. The heavy vinyl/etc. would be less likely to be punctured than a thin plastic bag.

Then to protect the firearms from damage due to impacts or pests (mice/rats/etc. can and will eat into soft cases, even mylar - I know this from experience - I've even seen them eat thru thin plastic containers, even thick rubber), I would put each firearm in a hard case, preferable something like a Pelican, that is water proof/resistant. I would use Kaizen foam instead of the soft much less dense foam that comes in most cases.

If the travel trailer has sufficient room, I would get one of the metal gun safes meant for transporting guns in vehicles. Or at least some kind of metal container, like a box you put in the bed of a truck for carrying tools.

I have one that looks like a tool box, but it is meant for guns/etc.; the inside is lined, the steel is thicker, and it has two locks on it that are enclosed for more security (you can only reach them with the key). I bought it to store guns in a camper.


I have no need for long term firearm storage, but this kitchen tip alone was worth logging in today!

Place them into “ziplock” type “freezer bags” and squeeze the air out the bags by slowly dipping them into a tub of water right up to the “zipper” seam and then seal it. That’s how I do “sous vide” cooking without using an expensive vacuum machine, which works quite well).


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