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I dont know if any of you have read "Lone Survivor" by Marcus Luttrell but if you havent you should. After reading this book and adding him to my FB page he shared a link to a clothing store called 'Forged" its a bad *** clothing company owned and operated by 2 Navy Seals and today all day they are doing buy one get one half off on all their stuff. A portion of all sales goes to the "Wounded Warrior Project" and if I am not mistaken their "Elite" series shirts, 100% of the sale goes to the project. They also have some bad *** womens stuff too. Just enter the word "Give" in the promo box at check out and it will adjust the price for you.
Here is the link.
<broken link removed>
Also if you dont know aout Lone Survivor or who Marcus Luttrell is, its his actual accounts about him and his Navy Seal team in a major battle in the Hindu Kush moutains and he is the only one from his team to make out. It gives you some great detail on SEAL training and whats goin on over there because Marcus is a Texan and he shoots no bubblegum. So like I said, read it.
Thanks, The last few years I'm trying to buy all 100&#37; Made In USA gifts and just for myself...glad I could find another to add to my list. I checked out the womens line for something for my wife... nice selection...
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