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Lolo Sporting Goods

Discussion in 'Idaho Reviews' started by Northwest Firearms, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. Northwest Firearms

    Northwest Firearms Pacific Northwest Site Maintenance

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  2. Gunner69

    Gunner69 Hillsboro Member

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    My opinion is many many years old but LoLo was one of the best places in town to buy a Firearm...
  3. branchbuster

    branchbuster Albany Active Member

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    A very cool old gun shop. A lot of cowboy action stuff and fair prices. Very good selection for the size. The store itself is like stepping back in history about 100 years. Wonderful place to see.
  4. idaho

    idaho Eastern Washington. I work and play in Idaho. Member

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    I wonder who put poor... I couldnt put excellent as much as I wanted too. Seems sometimes the prices are a little high, but to be fair, I wouldnt give any other sports shop in Lewiston a higher rating.
  5. John Laughrey

    John Laughrey PNW New Member

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    They seem to think that an AR lower with with rifle RE is a pistol and will not transfer it if you live in WA. By all accounts it is a rifle, was made and is registered as a rifle. I have found their "knowledge" is severely lacking in dealing with firearm laws. The said it would only be a rifle if a buttstock was on the RE. I said fine I will go to my truck and grab one and put it on. They said "oh know it has to be built with one". Really, do they have any idea of how a carbine buttstock can easily go on and off. Complete jokers, buy from Black Sheep.
  6. mjn

    mjn Tri-Cities, Wa Active Member

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    Been quite awhile since I've been there, but they always had friendly staff, and lots of cool stuff.

    As far as prices go... y'all gotta realize, a shop can always lower the price (if you ask) but ya can't go up. Every business has got to make a living.

    Support your local gun shop.
  7. tedium27

    tedium27 Craigmont, ID Member

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    I just bought my son his first shotgun. I am extremely happy to have a place I can go that honors the code of "bringing them in to the community". It was just a used Mossy 20 gauge, but you'd a thought it was the best Benelli on the rack, the way we were treated. Our host (I can't call Him a salesman and I won't use his name) took the time to teach my son how to read the tags, do a little haggling, and walk a little taller with a little more spine in his back. I can "buy a gun" anywhere. Why would I, when there are men around who I can trust to help build my son into a man?