OFF ALERT Location Change For Soviet Style, Anti-Gun Bill Hearing

Discussion in 'Oregon Firearms Federation' started by Northwest Firearms, Feb 1, 2016.

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    The Senate Judiciary Committee has changed the location of the hearing on the Prozanski’s secret accusation bill.

    SB 1551 is currently scheduled to be heard on Wednesday Feb 3 at 8am, however the location for that hearing has changed.

    The new location will be in HR 50 which is in the basement of the Capitol.

    Hearings are moved to that room when they expect a larger than usual turn out, which means it’s likely that the Democrats will be busing in anti-gunners to push this dangerous and unconstitutional bill.

    If you can come and testify please do. If you cannot, written testimony can submitted in PDF format to committee assistant Kristi Arrington.

    SB 1551 allows certain persons, including family members, school personnel and medical professionals to make an accusation that you are having a “mental health crisis” so your right to acquire a firearm is taken away. Accusers are not required to have any mental health credentials and some can make a report without ever having met you. You are not allowed to know your rights have been taken, by whom, or for how long.

    SB 1551 does away with due process and cripples your gun rights based on secret accusations by unqualified reporters whose only agenda may be to prevent you from exercising your 2nd Amendment rights. Please make your voice heard.

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    What part of due process do they not understand?
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    Socialists, communists and people who believe in big government could care less about the constitution.
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    But if it saves only one child.........o_Oo_Oo_O

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