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Discussion in 'Gear & Accessories' started by ZA_Survivalist, Sep 4, 2015.

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    Hey folks, I was wondering if anyone here on NwFa makes their own kydex holsters?
    I dont have the room at the moment to buy the equipment to make them myself but I may in the future, so as of now Im looking for local members that make their own.

    Id also be interested in: A single/double mag OWB pouch with a mold for a light as well.

    The reason Id rather go with a private individual over a shop is, it seems like shops are booked solid and cant do same day turn around.. They say they can.. But most cant.

    Looking to have an OWB holster made for my CZ999
    (as seen in another post)
    And if you can swing it, a holster that is molle compatible or something that can screw into the Blackhawk! molle adapter.
    But mostly after a simple and decent quality, custom holster.

    Have cash and can travel a reasonable distance.
    Let me know!
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    MK Tactical in Hillsboro has a guy in house that makes custom kydex holsters...or they used to. I haven't been in there in over a year but you could call and check. The guy who does the holsters wasn't an employee (at the time) but worked out of there. He may be able to provide some good info, they're all very friendly and knowledgeable, good shop overall.
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    Yup they still do and his name is Ryan and he does awesome work.
    dont know if i am allowed to post his # but if you start a convo i can give it to you.

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