Local gun shop employee, "CZ75 is a poor quality firearm, that's why I own a Glock"

The service you receive from Gun stores can vary drastically based on the part of town you are in. A lot of stores the employees customer service is horrible! I have to bite my tongue if there is something I really want and I know for certain they have it in-stock. Otherwise I just chuckle and walk out. Some of the local shops have ridiculous prices! I wanted a Glock 17 a few months back. I walk in see 3 people 2 employees per 1 person, so I already had a bad taste in my mouth. I walk up to the counter and ask can I see that Glock 17 Gen 4. I handle it then I see the price tag! $800 no night sights no extras. I literally say wow! I have a price range around 550-600 the employees proceed to tell me. “ you won’t ever find a Glock that cheap this is the standard rate” I politely thanked him for his time walked out. That was the start of my amazing journey with Northwestfirearms!!! I’ve also been to shops where they do no make eye contact and asking them to check if a product is in stock or just general information is like pulling teeth. Now I will always check private listing on NWFA before hitting up the big box stores! My philosophy if you don’t have enough respect and patience for me to purchase an item in your establishment. I don’t need to be contributing to your paycheck. I’m sure they have been busy since the start of the pandemic but that is your job. I hate rewarding terrible customer service! If you work in a gun store and do not have a passion for firearms or your extremely bias to every company besides the one you carry I think it is time for you to put those 2 weeks in.
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1) "Just because someone works somewhere, doesn't mean they are experts on what they sell, or have your best interest in mind. I do my own research, whether it's a gun, vehicle or ham sandwich."
BINGO!!! ***DING DING DING*** We have a winner!
Corollary: Don't buy the 1st production of anything unless you want it as a collector, or you want to help them with their beta testing.

2) "I think I'll send him a polite email Just so he knows."
Excellent idea! One bad experience should not negate what has up to now been satisfactory service. And he does need to know that this employee is spewing such tripe.

3) "What if he's correct? The CZ75 is, afterall, a soviet-bloc produced firearm, which is not exactly known for producing high-quality and finely-machined firearms."
How many East German Maks have you seen? I would say they compare quite favorably to Walther build quality, and the design itself is superior (IMHO of course). For EDC I would choose a Haenel Mak over a PP or PPK(S).
The CZ-52 was made during the dark days of the Warsaw Pact and the ones I have seen display excellent build quality as well as innovative design. The Warsaw Pact and other Marxist-affiliated nations included a polyglot of infrastructures and technologies. The countries that always had good workmanship seem to have kept it, and the guns made in Commie Mudholes kept their culturally incipient levels of craftsmanship too.

4) ""Opinions are like azzholes... Everybody has one." Including LGS.
So true. Chevy lovers say Ford sucks; HD lovers look down on saki suckers; Glock/1911/Sig fanbois say everything else sucks, ad infinitum. IMHO, some Glock lovers can be particularly egregious about this :eek:. Obviously the worldwide success of the Glock platform is an indicator that they suit a lot of peoples' needs and they have a good reputation for reliability. Most people don't care if they're as ugly as a mud fence.

5) "The actual facts are far too complex for them to fit into 43 minutes of run time so they portray what they want you to see... kinda like watching the news (l don't watch THAT anymore, either)."
Seems like the entire infotainment industry is just an agitprop outlet for the DNC.
I quit watching the news because it just pizzed me off and has a truth coefficient of < 0.

6) "If only I could remember everything to write the very long novel, "The Stupid Stuff I've Heard Said In Gun Shops"
Novels are fiction. It would be a documentary, or history.

7) "I also bought exactly one Kia, and that's my limit there as well."
My son's Kia blew the motor in the middle of nowhere. He bought a Ford Ranger.

8) "A CZ75 is probably the next step."
Good idea. You won't regret it.




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