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Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by BrotherGlacius, Apr 21, 2015.

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    So looks like I'm going to purchase a rifle from another member who posted in the classifieds. I was wondering if there was a thread that listed some common etiquette or just general tips.
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    Treat others the way you want to be treated. I have never had a problem meeting a member from this site. I typically try to get a cell phone so if something comes up I can let them know. I usually try to get to the meeting place first, so I can scope it out if I am unfamiliar and I hate being late. If the person has good feedback here I really wouldn't worry about it.
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  3. Joe13

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    Do some YouTube research on buying your gun or type of gun, that should help you feel more confident in your ability to spot a red flag.

    My first gun bought private party, I had the guy disassemble the whole rifle so I could see all the parts. I'm way more lax with most purchases now. The only exception being older guns. If a new one is tight and feels like it works right, then it probably does.

    Be curtious and don't do anything you wouldn't want someone else doing if you were selling; ie waving the gun all around the parking lot etc.
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  4. Just Jim

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    Always leave a good tip if you are buying from older guys.:D
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  5. Sgt Nambu

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    Both of you count the cash, it is perfectly acceptable. Ditto on know about what you are buying. Do check out the feedbacks, but it's not the absolute, one hundred percent last word! We all had no score at one time. If no feedback I like to read some posts by the member. I have a CHL and I do go armed to do gun business, not paranoid but not a pushover either.
    Good luck with your buy and enjoy your new rifle! SRG
  6. Ttuck

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    If at all possible try and shoot the gun before the purchase or get a recent video of the gun firing. I bought an AK that seemed to function correctly when i bought it. Manually cycled it hammer dropped every time. When i took it out shooting the first time the trigger wouldn't reset 80% of the time. Had to buy a new trigger and install.

    Basically check to make sure it functions correctly. Or you may be burned.
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    Make sure you know how to do a functions check for the specific weapon you're going to purchase.
    I'd recommend being armed, but I always recommend that for everything.
    Just be polite. Smile. Most guys forget it's ok to smile and be friendly while buying a gun. It should be a fun thing. Not a chore.
    I'm sure he's gonna let you disassemble it, function check, etc.
    and as others have stated it's totally ok to have both people count the money.
    Just have fun, be polite , pay attention to detail, and keep your head on a swivel.
    He's gonna be doing the same thing.
  8. RicInOR

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    If you search thru these here forums there are some things that seem to make them angry.
    Like negotiating ;-)

    Surprises - are what get people angry.

    If you want a Bill of Sale - ensure they agree to that before you meet.

    If you want to see their Drivers License - you are responsible to know you are legally allowed to purchase - and that involves state residency - how are you verifying the address, how are you proving your address to them.

    Are you going to record their name, address, CHL, or just need to see it?

    If you are going to shoot or let be shot - have the owner supply the ammo and the buyer pay for the few rounds.

    If it "feels" wrong, walk away. Be mentally prepared to do that before you go. Don't be a jerk about it, just say you are sorry and that it is not the right deal for you.

    Enjoy meeting someone and sharing some stories. Who knows, they may become a new shooting buddy.
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