Loading 223 on Dillon XL650?

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by shooter63, Apr 11, 2009.

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    I'm new to the shooting world with a lot of questions. :D :paranoid:This is probably like opening a big can of worms!:paranoid: I've reloaded 9mm on my Dillon 650 fine but now I want to reload .223. Does anyone use this same press and use it progressively for .223 or 5.56? -All my friends over here load singlely. I'm planning on buying the dies from Dillon. Can you reload either casing in the same die? What are some tricks/ tips to make this easier? I've read that the H335(H335 is what brand?) or Varget are good powders to use. Do you just have to check the overall length on every finished round? Bear with me-I'm a rookie looking to learn. Let me have it :laugh:

    Sorry but had to repost in the correct catagory.:thumbup:
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    that's a great press for 223, I use a Dillon 550. Buy another toolhead and leave your 9mm die's setup on the current toolhead. No need to check every case, just the first several while setting up the die's and go for it.
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    Just remember to do all the case prep. Lots more steps for loading .223 then for loading straight walled pistol cartriges.

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    I use a 650 and do .223s, H335 works well as it flows through that small neck with no hangups, but you have to pause on the up stroke as it takes a little time for the powder to get in, or you have a mess and a case thats low.
    223 - 5.56 load the same as far as dies. The 5.56 cases are thicker so you should work up a load on each case. All most all 223-5.56 cases have the primer crimped so plan on getting a primer crimp remover. Overall length is determined by the magazine you are putting the case in as well as the throat on your gun, I find as long as I always go all the way down on the stroke the lengths stay with in .010 or so the funny? thing is if your cases vary much in length the canalure will end up high and low at the crimp.
    Be sure and get a case gage, an AR-15 with a case not completly sized makes for a wicked jam with the bolt not closing and you beating on the handle to get the stuck case out ( use a rubber mallet if in no hurry ):(
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    I load .223 on a RL550b and have no issues. It does take a little fine tuning but you will know when you have it right. One thing I have done to help keep my case prep work down is to not do a roll crimp on the cases. In order for a roll crimp to work properly you have to have all the cases sized pretty much the same. I instead bought a LEE factory crimp .223 die and it works perfect. I no longer have to run all cases through the case gauge or a case trimmer.

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