WTS/WTT OR Loaded LH 2015 Elite Energy 35 Compound Bow

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    I tore my shoulder last year right before I bought this bow (July of 2015). After rehabbing my shoulder, I was cleared to shoot about 5 months ago; but due to school, and relocating farther from the archery range, and reloading, I rarely get out to shoot. The few times I do, I grab my recurve.
    So figure it was time to part with this.

    2015 LH Elite Energy 35 (I am the original owner; all maintenance was done at Broken Arrow Pro Shop in Milwaukie, OR. Warranty is still intact).
    Currently set at 30.5 inch draw length
    Draw weight, has 50-60 lbs limbs installed (maybe about 300 arrows through the limbs).
    Only thing changed on the bow was the cable slide, which I had upgraded to a Saunders Hyper Guide.
    Strings are in near mint condition, and waxed after every other use.
    Installed on the bow:
    Tommy Hogg Single-pin Sight
    Trophy Ridge Smackdown Pro
    PAG stabilizer
    Bee Stinger 10 degree quick disconnect
    Fletcher Wrist Release
    Easton QH100 Silver Thigh Quiver (with belt)
    3 Easton Lightspeed arrows (400 spine)
    7 Beman ICS Hunter arrows (340 spine)

    Only thing that you will need done, is get it adjusted to your height and draw length (if you know your draw length, I'll make sure the proper mods are put on for you; at my own cost).

    Asking $925 or best offer (Please keep in mind, there is about $1500 in retail cost here) Please avoid the low balling. I do not want to waste your time, so please do not waste mine.

    I am open to the following trades (straight across or cash plus item, depending on what you are offering):
    bullet reloading equipment
    Ammo (9mm, 45 ACP, 5.56, 30-06 is what I shoot)
    high end american made knives + cash

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