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I have been looking for load data without success for 264 win mag for a 26" rifle using H1000 powder and either Hornady 6.5mm 140 gr SST or 143 gr ELD-X. Does anyone have any load data for this or can point me in the right direction?

Does anyone have any experience with either of these bullets?

Thanks in advance for your help...
Hornady has info for all of those, they offer physical loading books and digital ones. Also depending on the bullet makers, they offer load data as well for free.
Thanks for the comments but Hornady does not list the caliber 264 win mag or the powder H1000 in the link above or in their bullet description pages that I have seen. That is why I am asking :rolleyes:

I do not have the Hornady hard copy books and my Lyman reloading book, while it does show 140 gr and 129 gr, both of these bullets are SP and not the SST or 143 ELD-X that I asked about. It also does not show anything for H1000 powder.

So, the question is still open...
I currently shoot a 6.5x55 and a 6.5-06AI. I will soon be getting a 264 WM as it is almost finished being built. For the SST's I plan to take the loading data for a 140g sp and start at about 3/4 of the max load listed and go from there. I am a novice when it comes to the 264WM but have done this with other cartridges. I personally find that if a reloading company does not use a powder in its loadings for a cartridge I stay away from it myself. Good luck as a quick search on the web did not provide any guidance.

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