LNIB Beretta 92A-SOLD Pending Funds

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    Ack! A couple of weeks ago, I sold two guns to buy this alloy-framed steel slide Beretta 92A1 9mm I'd become enamored with. Along the way, my brain forgot the repeated lesson that my relatively small hands and large frame, high cap semi-autos don't go well together. That's the only reason I'm selling it after only 300 problem free rounds with not a single failure to feed, failure to extract, or jam of any kin, so I can get another gun.

    This is the new 92A1 version, upgrade from the 92FS. The differences are the 92A1 has a rail, comes with three 17-round magazines versus two 15-round ones in the 92FS, and has dovetailed front and rear sights while the 92FS's front site is staked. This is the Italian-made version, but the gun is identical to the ones made in the U.S., besides having the neat Italian-sounding roll mark on the slide. Finish is superb and the gun, like all my guns, was cleaned religiously after each of the three range trips I made. It shoots great, just a hair too big for my smallish hands to handle consistently.

    I bought this gun at Woodland Guns and Ammo several weeks ago (documentation available) for $650. It comes with the original box, original Beretta case, three 17-round mags, mag loader to help cram all those 17 rounds in, cleaning tools, and manual and other documentation. Since even though it's Like New, it's still used, and since I learned from my first marriage that quick partings are better and lead to more satisfying future relationships, I'm letting it go for $500 since I just want to get another gun as quickly as possible. Please no ridiculous low-ball offers. FTF sale to WA residents only with WA CHL and DL.

    Reply by PM with your phone contact info. I'm off all weekend and Monday, so I should be able to respond quickly. BTW, the white spots in the pics below are where I electronically obscured the serial nr, not anything physically on the slide/frame. Please excuse the ugly table/background.






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