LMT CQB MRP 16" 5.56

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    For sale is my LMT CQB MRP 16" 5.56 factory complete rifle. This is the direct impingement MRP. I have fired about 100 rounds through her once at an indoor range and she shoots like a dream. I would rate this as a 98/100.

    LMT CQB MRP 16" 5.56 factory complete rifle

    $1500. For a full offer I will also include 2 P-Mags windowed or not, your choice. Willing to consider offers but please do not waste our time by lowballing.

    I am also willing to consider a trade/trade +$ for Sig P229 or P239, Remington 700 in .308 or .223, a quality O/U 12 gauge, or the holy grail .338 Lapua bolt action rifle. I can't think of anything else I need or want at the moment but if you have something high quality I might entertain a partial trade offer.

    Terms of Sale/Trade: Bill of sale, WA CPL, WA DL (I am happy to provide you with my exact same information.)

    Condition of firearm is like new. 98/100

    Pics Below (any spots/scratches are either pet hair or dust. This rifle is perfect):

    Right Side

    Right Side Close Up

    Left Side

    Left Side Close Up

    Stock Close Up
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