It is the rarest of the Llama 1911 knockoffs that I am familiar with, at least in America. They are a neat little gun but since I never shot the one I had I can't testify to reliability.

I have a friend who bought one the same day and source I bought mine. I can ask him if he is willing to sell it, if you like. Considering the caliber and the weight and size of the gun, I don't think it is comperable to some more modern designs. The same in a ,380 is probably more practical.

Blue book 100% is $295 for the .32 or the .380, original early model.
The later one (I believe the one I had, discontined 1997) is $220 in 100%.
That would be great. And thanx for the post. I currently have the .380 and the .22 and just want to 'fill the void' with the .32 .... :)

You can always have him take a look at what I have listed as he 'might' be interested in a trade of some sort?
What a cool idea - the whole set.
My first pistol was a Llama .380, back when I was so poor that I couldn't even pay attention. Now I'm so attached to the thing that nobody would ever give me what it's worth to me. It doesn't get shot much, but so what. Bought new plaques and five (!) mags for it; it's a keeper!
I have the baby 1911 in .32 and like it alot. Not interested in selling at this time, but would like to find another magazine. Any suggestions? Thanks

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