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    I have a handfull of random stuff Id like to trade or sell for cheap.

    Remington 500 base, Leupold (silver) Random Stuff
    .45 ACP Snap cap
    10/22 speed loader bottle jack with tire iron
    .50 cal Brass caseing two small fish nets
    Pistol holsters, two black nylon, Hip Coins (buffalo nickel, V Nickle, Silver Quarter)
    Boots standard Zippo Lighter
    Gloves Cigar boxes
    folding camp chair ( very small ) trench coat (military new)
    pistol belt helmet liners
    pistol belt suspenders Hot wheels New in boxes
    butt packs Fog Light (new)
    Bud Light Foam model (advertising)
    random straps
    Please E-mail
    I can take and send a picture of anything if youd like.
    give me what ever offer you have for what ever youd like and I'll get back to you. - thanks

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