Linotype lead $1.60/lb

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    As experienced bullet casters know, linotype "print metal" is THE premium bullet metal. It's very high in tin and antimony and makes really nice castings. Use it for rifle bullets, or mix it to soft lead for a hardball alloy.

    We recently moved to Yamhill county, from the Eugene area. We still make it down there every couple weeks, until we can sell our house.

    Moving with hundreds of pounds of this stuff is no fun, so it's time to offer some for sale. I don't have a photo handy, but it's in standard 20-25lb "pigs". It is premium linotype, not watered down lead. It breaks, casts, and weighs just like it should. The old-timer I got it from was a perfectionist with an impressive collection. He said he had won several cast-bullet rifle competitions with it.

    This is pick-up or meet-up only. Shipping would be too much of a hassle.
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    PM sent.

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