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    I hope that this is the right forum to post this. I saw on the OFF website that Tim Mueller recently stated that the Linn County Sheriff's Office is processing out of state applications for Concealed Handgun Licenses. I took a day off a couple of weeks ago to take my application and forms down to the Albany Sheriff's office and submit my Out of State CHL application.

    I didn't have to mail in my application and wait for the the sheriff's office to mail me out a time slot card that was between such few hours that I might not be able to get off work to come in. I bundled up my wife and infant on a Friday and drove down to Albany after promising her we'd stop at the Woodburn Outlet Mall afterwards. We showed up in Albany at about 1PM and were in and out of there in less than 30 minutes. The ladies at the desk were more than helpful in getting the last few items filled out, and also offered the CHL Confidentiality paperwork without batting an eye.

    To my surprise two weeks and one day to the date my wife and I received our licenses in the mail.

    We used the sample letter from for our compelling business reason letter (below) and had all of our paperwork already filled out. If you are not a Washington State resident, also make sure you have a letter from your State's Mental Health Department stating that you are not listed in their database (I guess this is a new rule). I've also included the links below to the Sheriff's website.

    Thank you Sheriff Tim Mueller and the people at Linn County Sheriff's Office.:thumbup:

    Linn County Sheriff's Office CHL program: Concealed Handgun Licenses

    Linn County CHL FAQ: FAQ

    Sample Letter:

    Sheriff xxxx:

    I routinely travel throughout Oregon for both business and personal reasons. I respectfully request your office allow me to apply for (and subsequently issue) an Oregon Concealed Handgun License for the purpose of personal defense. I also present with this letter proof of handgun safety training, a completed xxxxx County CHL application and other supporting documentation and fees required by ORS 166.291 and requested by the CHL Unit.

    (your full printed legal name, address, phone number)]
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    thanks for the info... very helpful
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    Good info to share ...

    Some counties in Oregon don't offer residents anywhere close to the helpful and expedient service you received as an out of state applicant.
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    Nice that you took the time to share your experience and provide information of others. :thumbup:

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