National Lindsey Graham’s political stock is soaring. Could his gun bill blow it?

When it comes to (actual) school shootings with juveniles, in the vast majority of cases the kid is known to the court system. It's rare for a kid in a well balanced home setting to go off the rails and shoot up as school. Usually there is some type of disturbance where there has been police contact in their history. Even when it comes to adults I blame the PC culture, where you can't call people out on their bad behavior or personally challenge them. Companies can only fire them claiming no fault so they can take their bad behavior to the next company where they finally explode and end up killing someone.

The government, including schools, want control but they want it without taking the responsibility that comes with it. All they know is they get off work at 5pm. After that it's someone else's problem. Graham is pandering. Shame on him and Donald Trump for those anti rights, stances. Agreeing with Red Flag laws and Bumpstocks. Especially when gaining nothing in return.
Red flag laws are even worse than Assault Weapon Bans.. If Red Flag laws become Federal you can kiss your gun rights goodbye and when the government suddenly think nobody is worthy to own guns anymore they will come and round them up, citing the Red Flag law as a means to circumvent that annoying constitutional Amendment in our Bill of Rights. They should just rename it to Bill of Privileges, since that is what they think they are.

Graham is showing his real RINO self and the facade has come off. He needs to be booted out and a real conservative to repalce him.

I never was so happy with Trump and never felt he was genuinely pro-2A, as he even supported Assault Weapon Bans back when it was popular in the 90s even with Republicans. Of course , he has been "educated". So, now he is going to support the worst anti-2A legislation that could possibly be pushed on gun owners and which would result in the immediate disarmament of just about everyone if a Democrat gets power in Prez and Congress?

Sometimes I wonder what side these slick, wheeling, dealing bureaucrats are on? Are they there to empower themselves or the American people?

BTW.. South Carolina, Graham's home state, has some of the most restrictive gun laws of any Republican dominated state in the country. Many of the Republicans in South Carolina have fought tooth and nail to keep the state's gun restrictions, which include very strict rules on where you can conceal carry, fighting constitutional carry and retaining the ban on open carry. South Carolina is hardly a pro-gun state.
Let’s hope Lindsey doesn’t spend all his political clout on yet another red flag, er, false flag, gun bill that takes away citizens rights without due process.

How about holding people accountable for their actions and exacting punishment that is not only just but a deterrent for others...

There is no other right in the Bill of Rights that’s so regulated... If the founding fathers wanted it controlled, it would have been called the “Bill or Privledges”...

Enough of the pandering, grow a spine and protect the Constitution in its entirety! It’s their sworn oath to do so...


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