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Lincoln county shooting areas

Hi all. New member and new to lincoln county. Looking for a good, somewhat secluded, place to shoot near by. Im not 100% clear on the laws of where I can shoot. Mostly I understand, but wouldn't mind a refresher. Any help would be appreciated.


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Hi Nova. Welcome to the forum!

It kind of doesn't matter what forest you shoot in, but what matters is that you adhere to the basic common rules for shooting on public lands. Here's a link to the common rules and you'll also find links to the official rules on state or federal lands near you... Trash No Land Shooting Rules

To find a good place to shoot, try google maps or google earth. Look for large clearings, like a gravel pit, and you most likely will find places to shoot. Best bet is to head out for a day of adventure and find a couple places. Generally speaking, most anywhere is okay to shoot, as long as it meets with the rules, (laws), on the books. That means, not near campgrounds, lakes, rivers or bodies of water, near or next to trails or roads, not down or along trails or roadways, using an earthen berm backstop, and so forth.

So, you can be as secluded as you like, if you find a place that is legal and meets the basic requirements.

If all else fails, visit the Trash No Land website for everything you need to know about shooting on public lands. (Dog In The Fight... I'm the CEO/President of Trash No Land, so, I'm kind of bias!).

Enjoy, have fun and Trash No Land!

Are you south county? There is an old quarry in the hills between Waldport and Yachats. Turn by job corps and stay to your right as you go up the hills. you can see it on google maps. Lots of people go shoot there


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