Limited M-LOK Rail Panel Choices, What’s your preference?

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    So I’m finishing up another AR build. This 16” patrol rifle will have an M-LOK rail. So now I am once again faced with choosing some panels for it. What is out there that I haven’t seen? It has to maintain the slim, light profile while providing heat protection and a positive gripping surface. So far I have tried the Magpul type 1 M-LOK covers and they met my requirements but I didn’t find them very aesthetically pleasing. In the picture below, the rifle on the top has the Strike Industries M-LOK cover V-2. The rifle on the bottom has the Ergo M-LOK Wedgelok cover. Of the three I’ve just mentioned, all maintain the slim, light profile, heat protection and positive grip but the Strike Industries V-2 is by far my favorite.

    What else is out there? I want to try something new.

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