Lightweight AR15 in 223 Wylde w/ Aero, Faxon, Brownells, Timney, B5, BCM, etc..

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Hey everyone, this time I have a rifle build that I made for 3 gun and practical rifle match shooting that is a truly wonderful and reliable rifle. In my experience it works great for both practical rifle and multigun competition, as it is very easy to move quickly with the rifle and it is quite accurate/precise. I wish I had a scale that read low enough so I could really emphasize how light the rifle is as it is noticeably lighter than some of my friends AR pistols, but it has a lightweight bcg, reduced weight buffer,, and a moderately lightweight match barrel all making it weigh incredibly little; especially for an 18” match grade barrel that is sub-moa with decent ammo. For those wondering, the reason for sale is that I decided to buy a suppressor and need the money.

Main Parts List-
Faxon lightweight match gunner barrel - 18” barrel with rifle length gas, aero adjustable gas block & aero gas tube, timney impact single stage trigger, aero precision receivers, s-one "blem" handguard, brownells (toolcraft) lightweight nitride bcg, vltor h0 buffer, tubb flatwire spring, seekins bolt catch, BCM A5 buffer tube, BCM QD endplate, and vg6 muzzle brake w/ cage are the most notable parts. All parts are very low mileage and should work reliably for thousands more rounds before maintenance is recommended.

Here are the pics:

newmatch 3.jpg

newmatch 2.jpg


ASKING PRICE: 970 includes the rifle, 1 clear 30 round lancer, 1 40 round pmag, 60 rounds of imi m193, and 40 rounds of hornady frontier 75gr match.

Contact details -
I’m in Portland and the usual FFL I meet at is Tigard Pawn 4 More but I’m open to new places. Prices are somewhat negotiable.

If you made it this far and read everything, thanks for taking the time. I hope you found what you’re looking for, and that thing you are looking for is an awesome rifle that’s about as light as you can really make an AR15 while still being reliable, comfortable, and of high performance. :s0067:

match1.jpg newmatch 3.jpg newmatch 2.jpg newmatch1.jpg
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I put a few rounds through it yesterday with a buddy and he was amazed by how light it was and how little recoil it had. It weighs less than his 11.5" mcx w/ red dot, it's kind of incredible and if I didn't need $ for a suppressor it wouldn't be for sale.

Thanks for looking

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