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I don't usually sell my guns, but this is a nice rifle that I just don't need and I'd like to sell this to fund a long range precision bolt gun project. So, I'm willing to part ways with it if I can get a fair price while I currently have an opportunity to buy the other platform.

This was built as a light weight hunting rifle and comes in at 7 pounds 6 ounces without magazine or optic. With the highly capable Zeiss Conquest V6 in the Geissele mount it comes to 9 lbs 1 oz unloaded (as measured by my cheapo food scale). While I've shot the rifle a few times and started playing with load development, I can't say I've even broken in the barrel yet and haven't made it too far in load development so I can't make any claims on accuracy. I probably have shot between 100-150 rounds, and maybe not even that many. I selected and purchased all the components and assembled the rifle for my own use. I'm not a gunsmith or dealer.

The heart of the rifle is Wilson Combat 18" Tactical Hunter barrel in a 2A Xanthos Receiver Set and Handguard with many high end and light weight components as detailed below. While I'm not looking to part out the rifle, I'll entertain swapping out / removing a few things if they just don't fit your requirements.


Receiver: 2A Armament Xanthos Light Weight Receiver Set
Barrel: Wilson Combat 18" 7mm-08 Tactical Hunter

Upper Details:
Handguard: 2A Armament M-LOK Xanthos 308 Rail, 15in, Slant Cut, 2A-XRSC-15
Bolt Carrier Group: JP Enterprises LMOS with JP Enhanced Bolt
Gas Block: SLR Sentry Adjustable Gas Block
Charging Handle: V7 Ultralight
Port Cover: V7 Ultralight port door with ultralight rod
Muzzle Device: Griffin Armament Taper Mount Minimalist Flash Hider (for use with GA suppressors)

Lower Details:
Trigger: Centurion Arms AST
Receiver Extension (buffer tube): 2A Armament AR-10 Buffer Tube Assembly with light weight latch plate
Stock: MFT Minimalist
LPK: Mostly V7, including takedown pins, ambi short-throw safety, mag release, bolt catch, titanium grip screw, and light weight castle nut
Grip: Ergo Suregrip

Zeiss CONQUEST V6 3-18x50 ZBR Ballistic Reticle w/ BDC Turret, Black, 522241-9992-070
Mount: Geissele Super Precision AR15 30MM EXT BLK MNT 0MOA (05-381)

Overall, everything is in excellent condition as it has spent most of its life in my safe, but it has been fired a few times so you'll see normal wear in the usual places (e.g., anodizing scratch where the charging handle latch engages).

I'd like to get $3,900 for the whole package with optic, or $2,300 for rifle only, which is less than I have put into it and many of the components just aren't available right now. Let me know if you are interested in just the optic.



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