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    California has a long title for gun registration. APPS or Armed and Prohibited Persons System.

    It’s a good read to gain insight on their movements towards eliminating gun ownership via a system that keeps track of every gun owner and has an alert system like that of Tom Cruise in Minority Report.

    Important take always after reading it:

    They ran out of money!

    They are significantly backlogged and heavily relying on local law enforcement to enforce the system.

    They want to pay and incentivize APPS enforcement agents better or equal to local police departments to creat loyalty. I got a kick out of that one.

    California gun owners have actually doubled, that or they are all registered now.

    Doing virtually anything wrong in California alerts the APPS to confiscate your weapons.

    Many gun owners registered only partial amounts of the guns they actually own.

    Lots of guns in Cali that aren’t on record I figure.

    Don’t skim through this either, there is a lot of good information here. I especially like the two pages of crimes that can get your registration pinged via the APPS system. I also enjoyed reading the case studies at the very end.

    What a wacky place to live. It’s like Minority Report met Eastern Germany.



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