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Which caliber?

  • .357 Mag

    Votes: 37 48.7%
  • .44 Mag

    Votes: 20 26.3%
  • .45 LC

    Votes: 7 9.2%
  • Other

    Votes: 12 15.8%

  • Total voters
Until I owned a .44, I wanted a lever gun in .357 to go with my revolver. Now that I own an Anaconda, I'm definitely getting a lever gun in .44 Magnum.
I hear you. The .44 Magnum is the cartridge that made me say "why didn't I get into this one years ago?" Versatile and plenty of power, in both wheelgun and carbine form. :)
I understand the whole reloading process...and think that it is a worthwhile endeavor.

I would have to buy a set up....and more importantly being willing to spend the time reloading....
Not something I want to do with my limited spare time.
For me it has traditionally been time spent with my daughters so it is worth my time; more for the time with them than the bullets. Which makes our situations quite different. Then again, who else has a pair of tweens who enjoy reloading with dad? I imagine it isn't quite the norm.
A .44 Special levergun suppressed is truly an experience that will transcend you into a dimension only previously believed to be attained with pharmaceutical assistance.
Well, it isn't a levergun, but a bolt. But .44 Specials out of this setup is fun.

I voted 44 mag, but honestly, I like my lever actions and handguns in all three calibers you noted as options, and also in 22LR.
Actually, .22 rimfire would be my favorite - by far. I didn't even think about that choice because it wasn't explicitly listed - so I changed my vote from .44 mag to "Other".

My revolver/rifle pair would be my Ruger LCRx and my Browning BL-22 (tube feed so it can feed any S/L/LR).

.22 rimfire is my favorite caliber over all the others - versatile, fun and inexpensive/easy to shoot.
A bit disappointing to see no "authentic" lever/revolver caliber in the pick list, but @PA31350 and @Val1884 picked up the slack there.

If the venture is toward approximating the "Old West's" sensible offerings of ammunition to be utilized in a rifle as well as a revolver, the choices are .44-40, .38-40 and .32-20. As to ammunition availability, components for all three are available. If reloading is not an option, nearly ANYONE who loads for these calibers would enjoy loading for you or with you toward your dream (you supply components).

Something about a Winchester 1873 replica in .357/.38 just rubs me the wrong way. ESPECIALLY in Cowboy Action Shooting. I'm one of the few left who actually believes in "The Spirit of the Game". No rattletrap modification to "slick up" the guns, no "squib loads" that barely travel to the target, no unconventional operation of the guns (rapid fire techniques entirely foreign 130 years ago). A discipline that had the best chance to remain fun became like all the others: see what we can get away with, operate on the fringe of rules, modify rules that don't allow what we want to do, and winning is the objective.

'Twernt no threefittysebm's in Tombstone.

These three "authentic companion piece" cartridges also should calm @Nosferatu 's concerns toward a "proper rifle chambering". They are "proper" rifle cartridges from the outset.

For pure recreational purposes (and occasional small game hunting), of course a .22lr combo would be far and away the best choice for economy (guns AND ammo) and pure enjoyment that can be shared with anyone at any skill level, while offering the very best cartridge in the world to teach true marksmanship.

Uberti Model 1873 "One of One Thousand". Caliber .44-40.

Uberti Bisley Model P, .44-40, Uberti Bisley Model P. .38-40, and Colt's Bisley Model P. 32-20. These are "authentic" rifle/pistol combo cartridges.
I've got 2 Rossi .357 levers, a rifle and a carbine that I pair up with a 4" Rossi and a 6" Astra when traveling with the spousal unit. When solo I sport a 7" Blackhawk and big loop Henry in .41 mag đź‘Ť . PAX
My favorite centerfire combo where the lever action didn't match the revolver would be my S&W TRR8 (.357 Mag) and my takedown SS Browning BLR in .308 Winchester.
Too bad this is just a typo:

Too bad this is just a typo:

I'm not going to bother denying it; if there actually was a .308 Win. revolver, I'd like to give it a spin. :s0112:
A BFR in .45-70 will be much worse
Never tried that one. I have shot .30╱30 in their long cylinder version and .50Æ in the short. I don't remember the .30 being all that nasty. The lighter .50 was like what I imagine holding on to a lightning bolt may be like. Though less juice, it was noticeably less pleasant than the .500 Magnum I shoot on a fairly regular basis these days.
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