Which Lever Gun

  • Henry Big Loop

    Votes: 20 37.7%
  • Henry Case Hardened

    Votes: 12 22.6%
  • Cimarron 1873

    Votes: 21 39.6%

  • Total voters
I was looking for an In Stock Henry .357 lever just a couple of days ago... l didn't realize that there was such ill-will towards em. I know if I'd spent upwards of a G on a rifle, I'd be pretty dang discontented if it had subpar workmanship and/or materials.

I have one Cimmaron (Uberti) revolver at present and will be looking at them for an 1873 based on my own experience (it's beautiful) and the overwhelming recommendations in this thread.

I don't WANT to spend over $1000, but it looks like that's where this is leading...
I'm wanting the 357 Henry as well,
so will have to say the case hardened Henry, but I'm no expert
considering what I have read, seems theres not alot of love for them here.
But the 22 runs and runs and is super accurate

But I really want a lever gun in 460 Mag
For those still on the fence go with the Cimarron 1873. Yes it is expensive, but I just love everything about it and it gets compliments all the time. It's becoming my favorite rifle. I like it so much I got it a friend; the Cimarron "Pistolero".... also an excellent shooter.
I happened across a Henry Big Boy Steel Side Gate Blued/Walnut Lever Action Rifle - 357 Magnum - 20in while looking over Sportsmans website, since they don't pop up much I paid for it online.

Runs flawless and is a beautiful gun as well.

I had no intention of purchasing a firearm when I woke up that morning but hey... These things happen.
considering what I have read, seems theres not alot of love for them here.
And I don't know why this is. Probably from those who don't own lever action rifles, or even care for them at all.

Heck I can find things I don't like about almost any gun - especially modern ones.

I have a Henry BB .357 and it was flawless when new, yet still manages to have a couple small things I don't care for, but they are design issues and not quality related.
I have a couple of Henry's and they have never given me trouble. Now my 357 likes 357 more than 38s. And I really wish I had a threaded side gate version. Side gate being the bigger deal. I have considered a Cimarron as well. Nice guns all around. I don't think either choice would have been a bad one. I could also see the point of a bigger loop. I have small hands but sausage fingers. Some loops are pushing uncomfortable
Just curious, how did you decide on the Pistolero? Cimarron seemingly offers 100 different pistols.. each one is a separate niche
Good question. Caliber, barrel length, finish, and price.

It had to be .357 and at least a 4" barrel. A case hardened finish came up for $399 so I snagged it.

That pistol is back at Cimarron getting looked at by their armorer. I was shooting magnums and the cylinder timing failed. Haven't had any issues with the rifle.
@UnionMillsNW Smart to go w/ .357. Pretty much have to mortgage your house to shoot factory 45 LC.

The SAA wound up being used in dozens of conflicts in a myriad of different configurations... Was reading that many were supplied to the UK during the Battle of Britain, for use by the home guard. They even made a small number that were convertible to 45 ACP.
Should've gotten one in a much more classic caliber, like .40 S&W, maybe the wild western grizzly slayer 10mm, or the legend of them all, 6.5 NeedMore!

Yup, I've been strongly considering the Henry Long Ranger (classic style) in the 6.5 Creedmoor. I see the Henry headquarters and a plant is located just a few miles from where i grew up (Rice Lake, Wisconsin). Back in 2019 the Henry Big Boy all weather lever action was voted the "coolest thing made in Wisconsin".
I've just purchased the Henry Classic lever action 22 cal to see how i like a lever action as I've never had one. Then i'll make up my mind on the Henry 6.5 Creedmoor Long Ranger (22 or 24 inch barrel). Anyone here have one (Henry Long Ranger in any cal?). If so I'd like to hear your reactions. I am aware they load from a magazine due to cartridge/bullett shape.
About this time last year I picked up a Rossi 16" carbine in .357 locally to accompany the Hammerli (Swiss made) SAA clone I got at a local shop. Great rifle, I highly reccomend one over the Henry.

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