Leupold and Redfield scopes

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    Hi, I have a few scopes for sale, all have original boxes. All scopes have a duplex crosshair. I can't get pictures to load, but I can email them austensclassics@yahoo.com or call for more info 503-703-2874

    -Leupold Vari-x III 1.5-5 x20 matte black, great condition, looks a little foggy, could use a trip back to Leupold (it's free) I will take it in myself the next time I go to Portland if it isn't sold by then. SOLD

    -Leupold MARK AR 1.5-4 x20 matte black, great condition, $200 SOLD PENDING FUNDS TO DAVID

    -Redfield Revolution (made in Oregon by Leupold) 3-9 x40 matte black, very clear, outside has some rinc marks and a few scratches, I actually have two of these for sale, in about the same shape for $130 each

    The only trades I am looking for are Leupold scopes in 4x12 or higher Magnification, S&W or Ruger revolvers.

    Shipping would be $10 extra.
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