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A very expensive education and one that will be never forgotten. He didn't think the g in front of the serial number ment anything.
I believe G serials started in 1969, so no-G alone doesn't identify a pre-64 M70.

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Found this reference for those who want to save a copy.


Found this reference for those who want to save a copy.


So from that ☝️ table, the Grand Sobo's M70 was actually manufactured in late-1945, and not in 1946, as I had thought.
The S/N on his rifle lands lands about 2,000 rifles under the 1946 S/N start number...

Winchester Model 70 SN.jpg

Thanks for that info, Bruce!
Thanks for the reference chart.

So I have a 30-06 made in 1963 and another made in 1988.

I just put the 1963 rifle into a Boyd laminate stock and have got to zero it,
Not pre-64's, but 64's! (and nearly as significant in Model 70 history). These are both first-year production Model 70's in .225 Winchester. Top is a Varminter, bottom is a Sporter with custom wood (original stock retained).

The post-64 Model 70's could never match the older guns for fit, finish, and action design, but more often than not, they shot better. These bear that out.


How do you like the Boyd stock? Which one did you pick?
I picked the Classic in Nutmeg laminate. I'm afraid I don't have any pictures of it at this time.

The old stock felt lighter. But the rubber butt pad on the old stock has turned into rock and my old shoulder didn't like it. The Boyd stock has the LimbSaver pad on it.

I do like the Boyd stock. I think it looks great. It does not have any checkering on it so I have been thinking of putting some Talon grip material on the forward grip area. Talon grip material is like a rubberized skateboard tape. I think it will improve the handling in the rain.

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