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Lets see your EDC Snubbies!

Been packing a S&W 60-14 in .357 for several years now. Disappears nicely with a Galco pocket holster. PMC 150gr. Starfires are accurate & don't recoil too bad. CT laser grips have greatly improved my accuracy at longer distance. Will occasionally add a 2-1/2" 19, or a 3" 686+ to the hip when I need more capacity.
I have stepped away from the polymer guns for EDC lately. I first picked up a model 36 loved it. Then got the model 60 no dash also. Love the 36. Not feeling the SS of the model 60. But great guns.

Do any of you guys carry a LSWC for ammo? Been thinking about loading some 158gn and seeing how it feels.
I'll play!

This is what I call my "daily eight."
(Phone makes in nine, I guess.)

Revolver is a S&W 442-2, which has been as reliable as gravity since the day I bought it.
I probably have run >2k rounds through it by now? I don't count or keep track of the rounds fired on/through this one; I've run a box or two through it every 1 - 3 weeks since I bought it new in summer 2018. It's my favorite.

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I went about a year with my strong side arm in a sling. During that time I bought a S&W 642. I learned to shoot it pretty well with my off hand. And I learned that a heavy sling makes a pretty good holster! Since I'm out of the sling I have found I like the J frame well enough that it's my EDC. I have always carried pocket guns but this onehas just grown on me. The only thing I have done to it is lighten the trigger return spring. That dropped the trigger pull weight down to 9.5 lbs. Other than that I like this gun!
@thenameisjack what is that sleek little folder above your snubbie? :rolleyes:
Hi! Thank you for your reply.

I am guessing/assuming you are addressing the little pocket knife in the photo?

If so, it is a CRKT "CEO" model (Columbia River Knife & Tool, Model 'CEO') pocket knife.

It is a small, compact/slim and relatively lightweight, pocket knife. That's all.
Here is a direct URL to the manufacturer's website and product information: CEO

That little pocket knife is by no means anything fancy or trick, but it does the job for me (opening letters and cutting open boxes) quite well, takes up very little space in my right front pants pocket, and looks nice at the same time. :) It even fits sleekly into my suits' coat "pen" pocket without bulk/weight.
It is lightweight and easy to carry/work with for basic office duties; which I believe is its intended function/application.

I bought mine through Amazon dot com for about $40, and I have been very pleased with its performance.

I am confident that there are stronger/tougher/heavier duty pocket knives available at similar price points, but this one works very well for my needs and applications, and it holds an edge well, as any $40 pocket knife should. :)

All said and done, I am very pleased with the tool, and if you need a basic and simple slim/discrete pocket knife, I believe this model will serve you well. It is not garbage.

I do hope you find this information useful and relevant. :)



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