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Lets see the Guitars!

I saw this on another forum and thought it would be fun to do it here and see what others had in their collections. I'm a newbie but, here's my Epiphone DR400MCE acoustic/electric and my Squire Affinity Series Telecaster w/Alder body and maple neck and fret board. So, if you play, lets see what ya got!

Take a look at the First Act beginner guitar I have posted on this site. Great instrument to learn on for only $60 OBO and I will trade for a full size fiddle/violin.
Many of us here (and not just the guitarists) teeter with arms flailing on the thin high wire between collecting and hoarding.

Owned and played 50-60 guitars and basses over the decades. Biggest stash was 14-15 at one point. Gave some to my son (who now owns 20+), sold a few, and I'm down to 7-8. The Frankenstrat (with 11s and a humbucker) is by far the most versatile, surviving 400-500 auditions and practices, and probably 50-60 bar gigs around San Diego and Portland. Snapped this photo today. I should get some Pledge and wipe off the beer and sweat dribbles.

(Side note: If you're older like me - 1955 model - and live west of Beaverton/Hillsboro area, I need to jam with a singing acoustic guitarist. Drop me a PM.)




EDIT - Not remarkable on the surface, but there is a reason they are with me.

The red one started life as a MIM Fender Jazz. I received it in trade for a pedal I built. The decal had already been sanded.

Sanded the back of the neck and installed Schallers, as I have done to every guitar I have owned since 1986.

Hipshot D-Tuner, replaced all passive controls and knobs, Custom Wound Pickups from Granville Guitars in Sarasota, FL. She needs a Badass (actual company name) bridge to be complete.

Bought the Ibby new in '86. Rosewood shim under a HEAVY Kahler 5-string bridge. Stock licensed EMG passive pups w/the stock active Ibanez controls finally gave up after years of service and were replaced with much more versatile EMG controls .. independent volume controls, concentric tone controls (Bass/Treble and a sweepable mid for the other cluster). I actually got a little teary eyed when I got it back from surgery about 7-8 years ago. A true Swiss Army knife.
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Well OK then.................
I play lap steel guitar, sort of. I also build and rebuild them as a hobby.
I really like getting an old discarded instrument playing again.
I have a bunch but below are my 5 favorites for very different reasons.

1944 Electromuse. My first guitar rescue. It was a basket case and now sounds like it should.


1984 MARRS Catcan. Completely rebuilt. There are only two original parts on this guitar.
Did I mention I hate fingerprints?


Custom built guitar CNC'd from a 3/4 inch bar of 6061 aluminum.
Two pickups, blend knob, weighs 14 pounds.
Have I mentioned I hate fingerprints before?


And my favorite: A new Duesnberg Fairytale.
Ordered from builder in Germany. Took 8 months to get it here.
Worth every penny. Lots of pennies.


1939 Rickenbacher Silver Hawaiian. Repaired the electronics and sounds great.
I love it because it is the only thing in the house that is older than I am.
This is where my username comes from.
By the way, I hate fingerprints.


Thanks for looking.
Anyone have a spare polishing cloth?
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You pick up that "39" from Kelly's collection?
I found it in a music/consignment shop in Shelton a few years back.
The original owner played it for a couple of years and then stored it
in his garage since around 1942 or so.
The electronics had all corroded and seized and oxidized.
I'm lucky the finish stayed looking as good as it did.


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