let's play shtf

So ya'll been doing your preps so are you ready for the ebola virus? If it gets out of control do you have a plan? If they declare an emergency and martial law do you have a plan? Do you even own some rubber gloves and can you go without touching your face all day?:D


Not at all prepared for something like that, most of us here truly are not.

We like to think we are, but we aren't.

Natural disasters, Economic collapse, foreign invasion, food or water shortage for a few months, martial law,
riots and civil unrest
(not caused by a contagion)
I'm with ZA, Most situations I have a plan or can adapt a plan to work but massive outbreak of somthink like Ebola and I'm in trouble. not to mention i work in the trucking industry and come into contact with drivers from all over the united states on a daily basis. If one or 2 drivers were infected and able to spead through somthing like a handshake it could be catastrophic. we keep hand sanitizer at our desks but that only goes so far.

I do think i would be better off than most though if it became a pandemic here stateside, i at least have the ability to keep everyone home or at another secure location and weather out a while as things either get really bad or better.
I always love a good "what if" however, it has to be a well constructed what-if. The thing is, any attempt at "martial law" immediately creates a whole new set of routes for infection. Frankly, if ebola is doing it's best impression of the big death, yea I'm staying home. Hell, I work from home most of the time anyways, and once I find the right place where I can move my machine shop out into the barn, I won't have to go anywhere else.

It's kinda like a few years ago when the swine flu was going around. It wiped out a lot of people I know, however because of my work situation I was never exposed (or just never caught it/manifested symptoms), and this was orders of magnitude easier to catch than ebola.
Guns and ammo are only a small part of the equation. It's fun to say you can take anything with a bigger gun but let's be real for a min.Let's say it all breaks down and all you managed to squirrel away was a couple guns and lots of ammo. How is that going to help you filter water? Are you just going to rob someone for their water? What about when your kid gets sick? Are you willing to risk the other guy not shooting you back as you take tylenol for your kids? Or does it make more sense to have (even if it's a small supply) medical equipment and supplies. Personally I keep a good (basic but complete) medical kit with all the basics as well as a few saline bags and equipment to use them. Also having the training is a huge part. While I don't have the ability to fight a major spread of Ebola (which if we are all honest with ourselves few are). Not to spin this thread in another direction, but what would you consider must haves, want to haves, and dreams of your medical prepper supplies


I was just poking fun with the guns comment.

I have an above ground pool I keep filled year round and multiple ways to filter or purify it for drinking water.

Food is easy with beans and rice.

Medical is generally where most of us will fall short in a massive long term situation.

I do my best to keep extra medications and first aid kits are always stocked at my place.

Other then that, toilet paper is my luxury item of rather not live without, so I keep extra of that as well:p


Joe13 was right about the medical aspect possibly becoming a dire situation in an extended emergency.
10 days ago I was dumping a load of hot barbeque briquets into my outdoor grill, when I accidentally stepped on a small red hot coal with bare feet.
I know, I'm an idiot for not wearing any footwear (especially since my wife pointed that out to me about three seconds before it happened).
After hobbling around for 7 days, the pain got worse and red streaks started climbing up my leg.
Off to Urgent Care and a rather painful shot of antibiotics to my rear, plus, 10 days of double duty strong antibiotics.
Would have been a totally different outcome if I couldn't have received treatment for a what I thought was a minor injury.


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