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    So much truth in so few words!!!
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    Non gun peoples ignorance about firearms , firearm laws , gun owners , just how a gun works , what a bullet will do or not do etc ...
    I think also play a part in how they vote or feel about guns and gun ownership.
    If all you know about guns comes from T.V. , most news media , movies , video games and many novels... then you will have a skewed view about guns and gun owners.

    When we do our shows with our traveling museum I see a amazing lack of general firearm knowledge that is out there .
    We talk about guns of all types at our shows.
    After all it was only 100 years after the 1803 Harper's Ferry Flintlock was made to the 1903 Springfield rifle.
    Not really a huge jump in topic when we show our 1808 Springfield musket or our other military guns and talk about a modern Infantry rifle.

    Now some folks will say : " Yes but you only show muzzle loaders . We are talking real guns here..."
    I wish I nickel for every time I heard a statement to this effect.
    A gun is a gun no matter how old and the same safety rules apply.
    All guns are on someone's " You can't / should not have list. "
    All gun owners are painted by the most media with the same "bad guy" brush.

    If during the course of my showing and talking about a antique gun , I can show that:
    Guns are safe ... they aren't just going to fire of their account ( unless you mishandle them ) etc ..
    Not all gun owners are the raving stereotype shown on popular media.
    Guns have a long and honorable history.
    That you can a have a table full of guns , have folks wandering around with easy access to guns , ammo etc ... and no one gets hurt , no crimes are committed etc...
    Then I feel that my show did some of the things I intend it to do.

    When you are out and about with your gun , you can do much to help or harm the gun and gun owners image.
    How people see you will be how they judge all gun owners.
    This along with their "knowledge" of guns will be how they vote.
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    Yep, and I'll bet if you drill deeper precinct-by-precinct you'd find the Red-Blue Flip right about the Seattle and Tacoma city limits--I know Ted Cruz's operation here in WA was mostly headquartered out of the Orting/Mt. Rainier foothills area, territory that got redistricted from Reichert to Heck so they'd be canceled out by the Olympia Bureaucrat Vote.
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    Changing minds one gun at a time :s0115:
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    That is saying you agree with everything Paul Ryan or other party leaders (officials) say. We will see how different the Rs really are. DC is still DC. We've had bans under Republicans in the past. Whatever gets politicians votes is what gets thems votes. Rights be damned.
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    The topic here is democrats and gun control. What I am saying is simply that what a person says, thinks or feels doesn't mean jack. It's their vote that matters. The moral equivalency of who is the biggest liar won't change that fact.
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    Oh, do NOT wind me up about Lyin' Ryan, Swamp Turtle McConnell and most of the other Human GARBAGE infesting Crapitol Hill on BOTH sides of the aisle right now... *seething*
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    Betsy Johnson is a Democrat and solidly pro-gun. The problem in this country is not people who vote a particular way, but people who think that everyone who doesn't wear the same label is wrong.
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