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I heard about GRT some time back but recently downloaded it and started playing with it. I have used it to start developing some loads for 7mm-08 and 7prc. It is unfortunate the creator has died and it's future is somewhat clouded, but I am hoping for it to be picked up and continue to be updated as in the past. I have yet to fire a shot conceived through the software but that will change soon. I would like to hear feedback on your experiences with GRT positive or negative. Other than some loads yet to be shot my only opinion comes a couple of known loads I have that I plugged in. One came out almost spot on in the modeling and the other was way the hell off.
I installed GRT a few years ago and, for reasons I'm not remembering, was turned off by it. Might have been lack of cartridges I was interested in.

I have QL and have used it extensively, fantastic program if one understands what it is and how far off the data might actually be.

I would highly recommend backing up any GRT (or QL for that matter) data with published specs.
At this point I would not recommend it for the beginning reloader but seems to be another resource to have in the toolbox once you have a firm grip on all the relationships that effect pressure.

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