Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 13 laptop with Intel I7 processor

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    Hello all,

    I got a brand new in box (seal hasn't even been broken) Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 13 laptop with Intel I7, 250G SSD, Windows 8, etc. for trade. All details here:
    IdeaPad Yoga 13 - 59355467 - Clementine Orange | Lenovo | (US)

    It's the hot bubblegum you see advertisements all over the place for. These were a work bonus. They're $1500 with a month long wait. FTF $1400 for you today or trades SW PDX. We can talk about +/- cash. I'm really interested in the following:

    - A Sig 551A1 + mags. I was planning on getting one, then all the dumbass stupidness happened in December. I would consider a standard Sig 556 as well.
    - Springfield TRP 1911. I've been looking for one for a while now.
    - Ruger SR556. The updated version that's eliminated the carrier tilt issue.
    - 9x19mm pistols. I like CZ-75/P-01s, HK USP 9 Var 1, Cougar 9mm, .357 S&W revolvers, and .22lr revolvers.
    - Remington Versamax Tactical 12ga. Haha I know, bubblegum's unobtainium.
    - Streamlight TLR-1's.
    - Maybe 9mm or 5.56 ammo.


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