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Assuming you don't go into a beer garden during an event and obey the RCW sure. But there is a potential gotcha, there is a small Public High School located in the Center House. The Center House is a multipurpose facility and a high chance you'd walk through it. But the school isn't a traditional school with "school grounds" but a preparatory school for the arts that work closely with the professional theatre groups located in the same building. Ya got me on that one, however the official rules state you can conceal.

Seattle Center Campus Rules said:
3. Weapons
It is prohibited to:
a. Sell, manufacture, purchase, possess or carry any blackjack, sand-club, metal knuckles, switchblade knife, chako sticks, or throwing stars; or
b. Carry concealed or unconcealed on his or her person any dangerous knife unless used as a tool for work by Seattle Center employees or their authorized agents, or carry concealed on his or her person any weapon. Seattle Center employees are subject to the Seattle Center Employees Firearm Policy.
c. Possess a firearm on the campus, except that such restriction shall not apply to any pistol in the possession of a person licensed under RCW 9.41.070 or exempt from the licensing requirement by RCW 9.41.060.

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