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I have way too many holsters for guns I no longer have. I would like to get rid of them and finance a good piece of gunleather for something I do have. All prices are FTF in the Vancouver/Portland area, but if you want something shipped, add $5. Trade interests would be LH Serpa holster for 1911, or grips, parts, or mags for 1911 (govt/ sized).

This first group has two pictures to show both sides of the holsters.
View attachment 196113
View attachment 196114

1. Bianchi 7/7L 4" K/L frame revolver $30
2. Guide Gear 4" K/L frame revolver $10
3. Triple K 244-1 4" revolver $8
4. Galco SOB 2" J frame revolver $45
5. Uncle Mike's Size 16 IWB w/thumb break $8
6. Uncle Mike's Size 15 Belt holster w/retention strap $5
7. Unknown Brand fanny pack w/velcro inserts for J revolver & small auto $5 (no charge for the lint in the velcro of the auto insert :s0114:)

View attachment 196115

8. Blackhawk Serpa USP 40 (with box & all attachments) $20
9. Safariland 280S 1300 Basketweave duty holster w/thumb break $20
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