Lefties: Stnlss, 375Ruger w/access. Sel/tra

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    the great tax me state: Nebr

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    I have not fired this rifle.

    ---20", Open Sights.
    ---RCBS 2-piece set.
    --- No shell head holder.
    --- 47 case's.
    --- Hard case.
    --- Weaver Scope, Wide Angle, steel tube which is a little ruff at both ends as if it had lense covers but moisture got in, main tube body is excellent, K4-W, straight cross hairs, Glass is good.

    $1,050 shp'd/insured/lower 48

    Trade interest:

    ---Suppressor. .22 or 30 Cal..

    ---Ruger Mark 2/.22's; 10/22's/77/22's

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