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I've been in this situation before. In recent years, I broke them down and sold the components. I had plenty of time to do it. A collet puller has been in my reloading stuff for years.

But I have to say, many years ago I settled on this policy for the most part:
I have learned for a couple reasons, only reload as you need them. This is one of them.
Accordingly, I'd get the brass prepped then stop until I needed more ammo. Proper brass prep is the most time consuming part of the process; once that's done, the rest goes fairly quickly. So I'd first fire off whatever I already had on hand, then load up some more. Some reloaders aren't content until they've loaded every last cartridge case in their possession.

When I started liquidating my lifetime gun accumulation a few years ago, that's when I had to deal with excess reloads that I'd never fire off. 8mm Mauser, 8x56Rmm Austrian, .30-30 Win., 10mm Auto, .38 Super, .41 Magnum, those were some that I had to break down. People bought everything on Gunbroker, except the powder, which I reused. Cases can be resized without disturbing the primer. Primed brass has to ship by common carrier ground service. It all found new homes and I didn't have to practically give it away as salvage but I had some retiree labor in it.


I remember once buying a FAL and I got a bunch of reloads with it. I was happy. Thinking that I could/might also use the ammo in my other firearms of the same caliber.

But then.....I had trouble chambering the reloads. They were not sized correctly. So....what do I do?

BUT, But, but....nowadays I know better than to trust someone else's reloads.

I bought a hammer-style puller.....and worked on the pile. Yeah....over time the hammer took a beating.

So then, I got tired of that and I bought a collet puller. That was definitely faster and far less work, IMHO.

Aloha, Mark
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