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Lee Precision
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Lee Pro 1000 reloader bundle plus everything listed below. It also comes with four hand reloader sets for .223, 45-70, .243, and 3030. Great deal to get you started on reloading. Comes with Nosler reloading guide and Modern reloading second edition.

Gun Powder
IMR 4064 1lb ×3
IMR 4250 1lb x1
Alliant Powder Unique 1lb x1
Hodgdon Trail Boss .9oz x2
Hodgdon Hornady Superformance Rifle Powder 1lb x1
Hodgdon H4831 1lb x1
Hodgdon H110 pistol powder 1lb x1
Hodgdon CFE223 1lb x1
Hodgdon Hornady Leverevolution 1lb x1
Hodgdon HI-SKOR 700-X 14oz x1
Hodgdon H335 rifle powder 1lb x1
Hodgdon H414 rifle powder 1lb x1
Hodgdon Tite Group 1lb x1

CCI Large Pistol Primers no. 300, 1000 Primers x1 box
CCI Large Rifle Primers no. 200, 1000 Primers x1 box
CCI Small rifle Primers no. 400, 1000 Primers x1 box
Winchester Small Pistol Primers 1000 Primers x1 box

#35750 Hornady XTP 38 cal .357" 158gr 100 bullets x4 boxes
WB38JHP125 38/357 125gr 100 bullets x1
#3339 Hornady 338 cal .338" 285gr BTHP 50 bullets
#3310 Hornady 338 cal .338" 200gr SP-RP interlock 100 bullets x 1 box
#2405 Speer hot-cor .338 cal 200gr 50 bullets x2
#2610 Sierra Game King 338 cal .338" 215gr x2
#3031 Hornady 30 cal .308" 150gr SP Interlock 100 bullets x1 box
#2150 Sierra Pro-hunter 30 cal .308 180gr 100 bullets x1
#45140 Hornady 45 cal .451" 200gr XTP 100 bullets x1
#2267 Hornady 22cal .224" 55gr FMJ-BT w/ Cannelure 100 bullets x2
#22716 Hornady V-max 22 cal .224" 55gr 250 bullets x1

Lee Pro 1000 reloader + spare parts + die sets

300 H&H case length gauge & shell holder
357 MAG case length gauge & shell holder
38 Special case length gauge & shell holder
338 WinMag case length gauge & shell holder
40 S&W case length gauge & shell holder
Item #546566 45/70 GOVT Hornady Series II 3 die set full length
Lee 338 WinMag Die set
Lee 40 S&W die set
Lee 9mm Die Set
Lee 223 Remmington Die Set
Lee Zip trim includes mounting hardware
Lee Perfect Powder Measure stand included
Universal shell holder R2 90519
Universal shell holder R19 90004
Hardened steel chamfer tool 90109
MTM Universal Loading Tray x2

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