lee load all shot shell press?

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by plumberfishes, Jan 28, 2012.

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    hey all, who has one, and what do you think... kinda seems like a what ya get for the money kind of thng, but heck a shotshell press for $43 new,,, is it too good to be true?
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    The Lee shotshell press is real cheap. It does work but it's almost "toy quality". If I were to go back to loading shotshells I'd look at a basic MEC loader. They're well built and last a long time under frequent use.
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    If you look around a little, you can usually find a MEC600 jr press for about $60, all stamped steel construction, it has probably lasted 1000 years and will last another 1000 with responsible use. The mec600 has really good support and spare parts are easy to find. Loading shotshell is a world of difference from loading metallic. MEC understands those differences better than most, if you're looking for a fully progressive shotshell press, the mec9000 series is great, they even have hydraulic pistons so you don't have to pull the handle. I've been loading shotshell for years on a mec 9000 I bought at a flea market, after setting up it needed no-further adjustment and spits out shot and slug shells (I use a lee 1oz slug mold to make my own slugs, and they load the same as shot, I just take the shot bottle off) all day long.

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    Well, like the other guys said you get what you pay for and more dollars gets you better stuff, BUT. I have a Lee 12 gauge loader like you are asking about. I have used it for over 25 years now. It is a low dollar, low volume unit, but it does make a great reload. I shot competitive trap and Olympic style skeet with my reloads for all those years and I never had a failure and my loads were as good as anybody elses. If you are looking for speed, high volume, this is not the unit for you. If you are looking to spend quality time{not rushed} and enjoy reloading, then this is a great buy. Experience says it all and I can stand behind it. I still have it and still use it. :thumbup:
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    I"ve loaded thousands of rounds on mine,and it was used when I got it.They last a long long time.
    Withe shot hitting fifty bucks a bag now,reloading shot shells is not gonna save anything over BiMart's bargain loads,and they work fine for clay shooting,etc.

    the Lee powder bushings are notorious for dropping light loads,and you have to empty the hoppers to change out the bushings.:(

    one other thing they don't do as well as a better press is taper the nose of the shell for better feeding in pump or autos,for my sxs no biggee.

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