Hi everyone.

I'm looking to get rid of a low-use set of Lee dies in 7.62x39.
I haven't had a chance to uss them, and it doesn't look like the guy I got them from used them much either.

They're the 3-die set with the sizer, seater, crimp, and extra sizing rod for .308".
They come in the red plastic case with loading instructions.
I didn't receive them with the dipper or shellholder with the set.

Asking $20, or trade for other dies in-
-223/556 (Hornady or RCBS AR Series)
-6.5 Grendel
-6.8 SPC
-300 BLK/Whisper
-9mm carbide
-9mm Makarov
-357 Sig
-357 Mag carbide
-32 H&R/327 Federal
-41 Mag
-44 Mag, or...?
I can add a little cash for the right deal.

Would also like a Dillon 550 toolhead, or Lee Breachlock heads.

Can meet between Longview and West PDX Industrial area off Hwy 30, or occasionally off I-5 or 205

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